Book Title: The Message for the Last Days

Subtitle: Biblical and Historical Understanding of End Times

Author: K.J. Soze

Book Description: "The Message for the Last Days" explains the progression of afterlife beliefs found within and outside of the Bible. It reveals the original message about Heaven compared to changes in culture over time leading to our vastly different modern interpretations. This book explains how to get back to God's intentional gospel for the end of our age.

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How can we know what the future holds if we don’t understand the past? This question is at the heart of this book as much of modern Christian culture has lost its roots. Nearly 30 years of biblical and historical research have produced answers to this question that are summarized in a step by step format that show where we started, where we are today and where we are going.

This book reduces volumes of research into an integration of Bible references, concordances, topical studies and commentaries all in one format. It includes easy to find sources to save readers time when untangling the enigma of complex topics found within the Bible.

The crux of the book is derived from interpretation methods that were used in a consistent manner to find hard truths about our fate mentioned in the Bible. Inconsistent interpretation methods are also explained in the book by showing how various cultures at various times in history have influenced changes in biblical beliefs. The results are surprising as to the extent that culture has affected Christianity.

There is no religious association or affiliation with any denomination, Church or other organization to this book. It is the work of independent research outside of any bias within sects.

KJ Soze is an independent publisher that provides detailed Biblical research of complex topics such as the afterlife, then boils down the results into a compact resource. The books published by KJ Soze cut across various Church and denomination lines to find unity and clarity for those who may hold differing beliefs about salvation, Heaven, the rapture or the resurrection.

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K.J. Soze


The Message for the Last Days Copyright © 2019 by K.J. Soze. All Rights Reserved.




The Message for the Last Days
K.J. Soze

The Message for the Last Days Copyright © 2019 by K.J. Soze. All Rights Reserved.

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Criticism & exegesis of sacred texts, Theology
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March 19, 2019
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